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竜崎 » Ryuzaki
[Finally, L's reverted to his original self. No traces of his Batman exploits are at all visible, as he stands before Kings Street, Furka House, Laundry Cove. It is there that he nonchalantly waters some plants in the front yard with this, to pass the time.]

So I heard that a Masquerade Ball is arriving very soon. I think that I'll pass. [A lie. He intends to enter the ball and explore more of what Template has to offer, in disguise.]

Private to self // unhackableCollapse )
竜崎 » Ryuzaki
[Bat!L's at it again. This time, complete transformation literally complete now, he fearlessly glides across the Template skyline via that memory cloth cape of his. Where he goes? Nobody knows! Except himself, of course. Which brings us to where he's headed: RANDOM BUILDING X. Interaction via Second Level's probably the only way to communicate with him, at the moment.]
Current Location: LOOK UP!
竜崎 » Ryuzaki
[L's currently wearing a costume of, you guessed it: THE GODDAMN BATMAN, in some alleyway. With two fingers, he pokes and inspects his new bat-armor. He's reminded of his interactions with the real, genuine, Batman. But memories aren't stopping him from examining this suit, and the gadgets that await inside the utility belt.]

Kevlar armor, nomex fire-resistant/retardant cape, hypersonic signaling boots..

..Sonar technology.. [The sonar technology in the cowl activates, the eyepieces turning completely white. In a matter of moments he shuts it off, intending to save it for a later time, and now begins studying his gloves.] Finned gauntlets, that-- [FWOOM! Like flechettes the fins on his gloves fly off, piercing to a nearby wall.] ..serve a convenient purpose. This is one rather fanciful arsenal..

[thoughts] I will have to test everything else in a separate environment. Casualties just aren't necessary. [/thoughts]
Current Mood: BATMAN-ISH
竜崎 » Ryuzaki
[Here's L, sitting on a bench before a whole bunch of crops in the Agricultural Preserve, that reeks of oranges. As the day darkens and the air cools down, the entire place is the pinnacle of comfort at its most natural. He's currently unaffected by all this singing bsns. But just to observe and study reactions, he pretends he's actually compelled to start singing randomly. The song he sings may or may not express much more truer colors, L simply leaving everyone guessing. His voice isn't half bad anyway.]

Cut for song stuff.Collapse )

.. That was almost unexpected.
竜崎 » Ryuzaki
[L's perched atop a tiny statue before the Mizuanthe, absorbing the refreshing sea air like so as the many passers-by CAN'T notice him.]
So it seems that any awareness of my presence has disappeared, as if I had become "a ghost." No one can even see me any longer, the senses of smell and sound also to no avail. I cannot say physical contact has ever escaped the realm of possibility yet, therefore, some tests are in order. In which some assistance may be required, as I realize that I'm not invisible to simply everyone..

My curiosity becomes persistent as I wonder, has such phenomena ever occurred before? And if so, does it to any extent, differ with these affairs?
竜崎 » Ryuzaki
[Guess who's watching colorful kinetic spheres speed across the many complicated pathways of the Science Center? If you guessed Ryuzaki, you guessed right! If you guessed Ericson Gardner, you're still right anyway. Over there, Ryuzaki sits near a coffee table with a tray of Hello Panda treats as he watches the colors zoom here and there in a spectacular pace. At the same time he can't stop listening to this. And right before eating another panda cookie, SECOND LEVEL HAPPENS.]

I'm understanding that almost everyone in Template is suddenly hearing bizarre music?

If that is so, I'm willing to share a hypothesis that may perhaps shed some light onto this dilemma: It may very well be that the music you may hear right now, corresponds to experiences in your past reality prior to any supposedly permanent visit to Template. Somewhat of a "soundtrack" for your pasts, maybe. If that is the case, please describe the nature of the music you're listening to with the best of your ability, noting when in your individual histories the music may have you recollect.

[Eats the panda cookie, speaking with his mouth full:] Questioning my reasoning is tolerable, so you know.

竜崎 » Ryuzaki
03 September 2008 @ 09:02 pm
[Here's Ryuzaki seated on a bench at Memorial Park, positioning a tripod telescope in order to gaze at the stars that night. Few NPCs pass by glaring at him with disapproval of his disheveled appearance, not that Ryuzaki even cares. Instead he minds his own business and proceeds to peering into the lens. There was a very subtle hint of fascination to his face, as he adjusted the knobs to further zoom into the cosmos. Next to him, you'll all find that silly old Big Mouth Billy Bass from a few weeks ago, which at the moment lays dormant on that same bench.]
竜崎 » Ryuzaki
21 August 2008 @ 10:57 pm
[Here's a Ryuzaki back in the Cathedral, sitting in his usual posture on one of the many pews. Amidst all the carnage lately, there's an eerie silence here in this Cathedral, besides the distant "bohm" of the bells high above. The light shining from the many stained glass windows are rather bright at that very moment, bright enough for whatever that he could be doing. You can say that much like good old Wammy's House in his childhood, this place serves as a sanctuary to the detective.]

"Here is a little song I wrote ♪♫
You might want to sing it note for note ♪
Don't worry be happy ♫
Don't worry be happy now ♪♫
WooooooOOooOOOOo~~ ♪
Don't worry be happy ♫
WooooooOOooOOOOo~~ ♪♫
Don't worry be happy ♪"

[That's right. L's closely inspecting and tinkering with a Big Mouth Billy Bass found at the Open Market, given that he would have nothing else to do besides run away and hide from those crazy police men. So you can blame that fish for the strange racket. For any of those that could also be hiding away in the cathedral, comment log IS GO. For those on the radio, you hear that song and the following message:]

Not necessarily the most fitting of songs, especially during these current affairs..
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竜崎 » Ryuzaki
17 August 2008 @ 02:42 pm
[Yet another denizen of Template hides beneath a cozy fort of blankets, sweaters, and pillows. Paying the price for staying out in the cold for too long, L's sneezing his silly detective socks off. And he doesn't even have any socks. If you enter his little fort, second level-wise or not, expect to find a sickly man who looks like a stoner drink gallons of hot cocoa. With marshmallows. And sugar cubes. He's also wrapped himself in a blanket like so.

With this sneezing man and his hot chocolate, comes a post-it-note on his forehead, that reads:]

Dear Template,

The question of the day is:

Can you write a story with only six words? And if so, please do tell it.

- Sincerely, Ryuzaki.

[Sick Ls love them story times with their cocoa.]
Current Location: a fort.
Current Mood: sicksick
竜崎 » Ryuzaki
14 August 2008 @ 02:37 pm
Everybody's doing it!Collapse )
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